Digital learning material application

The eLearning materials referred to in this guideline means the teaching aids transmitted through communication networks, the Internet, and video broadcasting channels for the use of NCUE distance courses and school policies.

How to Apply?

  1. Subject:NCUE teachers who intend to conduct eLearning courses and apply online multimedia teaching assistants.
  2. Course type: required courses, extension education of digital learning program, overseas courses, NCUE pilot programs and open curriculums have high priority.
  3. Application process: Teachers who would like to apply should fill out the application forms and prepare all the relevant documents. Those who fail to provide sufficient documents in time, even after notifing, or who do not fit in with the regulations will not be approved.
  4. Documents needed for application:

Press to download format

  1. The approved course shall issue notices of course alteration/cancellation one week before the school starts if it is necessary to keep its qualification of subsidization. Any Failing to do so will be disqualified for receiving school subsidies.

Upload teaching materials

  1. After completing the eLearning materials, teachers are required to upload those files to NCUE platform for public use in NCUE.
  2. The eLearning materials or conducting distance courses has to meet the requirements of intellectual property law. In addition, the teaching materials and courses share the IPRs with NCUE.

Teachers who are accepted subsidies are required to fulfill the following duties

After accepting subsidies, the eLearning materials or distance courses should be evaluated during the next semester, which will be the basis of the approval of the next application. The evaluation committee will be recruited by the president of NCUE, including experts of relevant subjects and teaching design professionals within and outside campus. Teachers should also participate in related activities and share their experiences. 

  1. In addition to the documents attached to the application, subsidized teachers are required to provide the video footage of courses, curriculum evaluation, and other  teaching materials.
  2. Supervise the assistants of eLearning materials.

  3. Assist the designated personnel to complete the establishment of teaching resources.

Codes and regulations

Operation Directions Governing Subsidization in E-Materials and Distance Learning of National Changhua University of Education