Distance courses Application

Introduction of E-Learning Course Commencement


  1. The E-learning course commencement in these instruction is in accordance with the regulation established by the Ministry of Education; a course with more than over half of hours using distance learning method would be under related regulations established by Ministry of Education and required to be reported to the Ministry of Education for future reference. 
  2. Application Requirement: Applicant needs to Submit the following materials to E-Learning Center for committee to review the application. After is reveived, it is required to be further reviewed by the curriculum committee and academic affairs meeting to complete the establishment procedure. A reported to the Ministry of Education would be required for future reference.​

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  1. Required Affairs for Subsidized Lecturers :  
    Lecturer who accepts subsidy from would be required to receive an evaluation during the next semester, and the result of evaluation would be a basis of approval for the future application. Evaluation committee would be recuited by the president of NCUE 1 to 3 interior/exterior professionals in related fields or curriculum design. Lectures are also required to attend activities , such as result presentations,to share his/her own experiences. 
  • Submit Distance Course Final Report”, and the center will retain all the information on E-learning platform (including teaching materials, interaction records, assessment files, homework and reports) for at least 3 years, as a reference material for E-learning center for future assessments.
  • Instruct and supervise teacher assistants and on-line assistants.


Related Regulations:

(1) Operation Directions Governing Subsidization in E-Materials and Distance Learning of National Changhua University of Education

(2) Directions of the Reward for the Distance Course Commencement of National Changhua University of Education

2016.03.31 update.